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306 - 307 Agricultural Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0709
PO Box 94942
Lincoln, NE 68509-4942

Support Us

These generous individuals, companies and organizations have shown their support for the Nebraska FFA Foundation through sponsorships and contributions.

Corporate Sponsors

Premier Sponsors ($25,000 and above)

6 Star Sponsors ($15,000-$24,999)

5 Star Sponsors ($10,000-$14,999)

4 Star Sponsors ($5,000-$9,999)

3 Star Sponsors ($2,500-$4,999)

Nebraska FFA Alumni Council
HBE Becker Meyer Love
Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association
Plains Equipment Group
United Supplier, Inc.
Agricultural Services Incorporated
Farmers National
Nebraska Harvest Center
The Andersons

2 Star Sponsors ($1,000-$2,499)

Oxbow Animal Health
Green Line Equipment
Landmark Implement, Inc.
Stutheit Implement Company
Nebraska Pork Producers
Nebraska Association of Resources Districts
Midwest Laboratories Inc.
Nebraska Wheat Board
Alpha Gamma Sigma
Nebraska Rural Radio
Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic
Ward Laboratories, Inc.
Nebraska Cattlemen
Nebraska Independent Crop Consultants Association
Nebraska Nursery & Landscape Association
Farmers Ranchers Cooperative
Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association
Nebraska Department of Agriculture
Agri Gold Hybrids
Bank Of The West
Met Life
NAU Country Insurance
Nebraska Livestock Markets Association
O'Neill, Heinrich, Damkroger, Bergmeyer, Schultz, P.C., LLO
Pacific Ethanol
Preferred Popcorn LLC

1 Star Sponsors ($250-$999)

Omaha Agri-business Club
Associated Milk Producers Inc.
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health
CF Industries
EBM Construction
Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program
Hartman Hydroponic Tomatoes
Maxwell AgriService
Midwest Dairy Association
Nebraska Agribusiness Club
Nebraska Bankers Association
Nebraska College Of Technical Agriculture
Nebraska Cooperative Council
Norris FFA Boosters
Smart Chicken - Tecumseh Poultry
SureFire Ag Systems
UNL-Department Of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication
Wilber-Clatonia FFA Alumni
Arctic Cat
Cargill Meat Solutions
Hoegemeyer Hybrids
STIHL Outdoor Power and Equipment
Abengoa Bioenergy of Nebraska, LLC
Geronimo Energy
Riverview LLP/Wulf Cattle
Southeast Community College
Nebraska Agricultural Educators Association
Monsanto Gothenburg Water Utilization Learning Center
Alpha Gamma Rho
The Austin Company, Inc
Northeast Nebraska Sheep Breeders Association
UNL Center For Plant Science Innovation
UNL Department Of Agronomy and Horticulture
Empire Hay Inc
Beel Brothers LLC
Cornerstone Bank
Duo Lift Manufacturing
Aksarben Foundation
Baasch and Sons, Inc
Elmer Miller
FC Stone
Nebraska Department of Agriculture, Poultry & Egg Division
Norder Supply, Inc.
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
USDA- Ag Statistics Service
Wisner-Pilger Schools

Individual Supporters

Leadership Gifts

Donors who have pledged to support the Nebraska FFA Foundation mission and strategies over the next five years

Gift of the Rising Sun ($50,000)
Frank J. Fleecs

Gift of the Plow ($25,000)
Blake and Holly Johnson
Keith and Doris Olsen

Gift of Corn ($5,000)
Angela and Jeremy Armagost
Karl and Margaret Hensley
Richard and Sharon Katt
Mark and Nancy Poeschl
Loran and Nancy Wach
Linda Evans
Greg and Teresa Ibach
Bill and Ruth Johnson
Jay and Nancy Maier
Loren and Terri Neujahr
Brian and Paula Schellpeper
Dwight and Karna Dam
Seth and Carrie Derner
Eric Thurber
Mat and Kyla Habrock
Chuck and Linda Pohlman
J. Paul McIntosh
Mark and Debra Schroeder
Dale and Christy Hafer
Korey and Tammy Young
Shane and Kelli Belohrad
Mark and Willow Holoubek
ACC Farms - Clif & Linda Cattau and Arlyn & Anne Cattau
Jeff & Denise McAfee

Endowment and Special Fund Donors

Braden Badertscher "Power Your Potential" Memorial Fund
Frank J. Fleecs Fund
Gary Scharf Endowment

General Donations

Adam Wollenburg
Alan and Kristie Borgelt
Betty Vandenbery
Bob and Cynthia Milligan
Brady Revels
Bret Herndon
Brett and Pam Mueller
Brian and Kelli Thompson
Bruce and Carolyn Riddell
Butch and Janie Gutzmann
Chris and Marsha Kalkowski
Chris Hansen
Chris Lesiak
Chris Robinett
Connie Clausen
Craig and Shari Head
Daniel Ripa
Dann Husmann
Darlene Urwiler
Dave Tejral
David and Becky Grimes
Dayle E Williamson
Dayle Williamson
Dean Folkers
Dennis and Sharon Derner
Donald and Kelly Witte
Dorothy Forre
Douglas and Janelle Bruning
Douglas and Margaret Gibson
Duane Grosbach
Ed and Linda Stich
Eric and Megan Dam
F. Mary Lukassen
Fran and Tom Geisler
Gary and Karen Kowalewski
Gary and Linda Kuester
Gene and Rose Wissenburg
Gerald and Beverly Clausen
Goertzen Farms, Inc
Gordon and Pat Smith
Greg and Patti Hoegermeyer
Greta Roth
Helen Cool
Jack Schinstock
Jack Welch
James and Julie Nygren
Janae Tapper
Jason and Annette Harb
Jay Schroeder
Jessica Kolterman
John and Judy Borgelt
Jonathan and Abbie Rempel
Joyce Badertscher
Judson and Kaye Jesske
Julie Blood
Justin and Kimberley Troudt
Karl Linke
Katie and Brandon Gutzmann
Keith and Brenda Anderson
Ken and Mary Madden
Kent and Aundria Kirchhoff
Kurt and Sarah Heideman
Kurt Kline
Kyle Bruss
Lane Grindle
Leon Deunk
Leroy and Judy Tejral
Leslie Denning
Lloyd and Eva Roubal
Marc and Kelli Peters
Marty Tatman
Marybeth Crawford
Matt and Jennifer Wilshusen
Matt and Sarah Kreifels
Mick Morrell
Mike and Glenda Davis
Mike and Sara Scholz
Mike, Christin and Austin Kamm
Neil Olsen
Norm and Shirley Fritz
Philip and Shirley Miller
Philip Johnson
Randy Vlasin
Richard and Lanelle Herink
Richard Hahn
Rick and Dee Keith
Rick Tank
Rob and Carma Hartman
Robert and Eileen Raun
Robert Sindt
Roger Lempke
Ron Hanson
Ronald and Agnes Vollmer
Ronald and Diane Anderson
Ryan and Kristen Hassebrook
Ryan Becker
Sarah and James Mullen
Stacey Agnew
Stephen and Elma Nelson
Steve and Pam Leisy
Tami Frank
Tami Keller
Tammy Meyer
Terry Snover
The Leroy Thom, Jean Thom, and T L Foundation Inc
Tim Esser
Tom and Debbie Volk
Tony and Jane Badertscher
Tricia and Bryan Danburg
Wayne and Judy Rasmussen
William and Nancy Buettner

FFA Jacket Fund

The blue jacket is the very symbol of FFA–and an $80 contribution helps a deserving student buy a jacket (and accompanying tie or scarf). The Foundation works with local FFA instructors to identify deserving students to receive these jackets.

2008-2009 State Officer Team
2010-2011 State Officer Team
2012-2013 State Officer Team
2013-2014 State FFA Officer Team
2014-2015 State FFA Officer Team
2015-2016 State FFA Officer Team
Aaron and Kori Jensen
Alan and Kimberly Estes
Alec Ibach
Alpha Gamma Rho
Alpha Gamma Sigma
Alyce Leininger
Amanda and Justin Hackenkamp
Amy Wheatley
Anita, Mackenna and Sawyer Wollenburg
Ashtyn Shrewsbury
Betsy Raymer
Betty Vandenbery
Bill and RanDee Barger
Bob and Karen McNeff
Brian and Stacey Agnew
Calvin and Rita Fix
Clayton and Stephanie Doeschot
Cory Johnson
Dale Grosbach
Dan Morgan
Darin and Kendra Weers
Dave Barnard
Dennis and Natalie Toalson
Dennis and Sharon Derner
Donald Merlo
Doug and Keri Ohlson
Duane and Connie Lienemann
Ed and Linda Stich
EJ and Sandy Habrock
Elyse Schlake
Empire Hay Inc
Eric and Megan Dam
Farmers Cooperative
Frank J. Fleecs
Gary and Diane Kubicek
Gayle and Carolyn Wize
Gene and Alfretta Claver
Gene and Rose Wissenburg
Goertzen Farms, Inc
Gordon and Pat Smith
Greg and Teresa Ibach
Holt Pivot Service and Repair, Inc.
Jack Welch
James and Julie Nygren
Jason and Annette Harb
Jason and Kylie Penke
Jed Erickson
Jeff Schellpeper
Jerome and Marcia Engelhaupt
Jill and Kyle Goedeken Family
Jim and Mary Spath
Joe Strickland
Joel and Stephanie Miller
John and Barb Scharf
Jon and Jean Katt
Jonathan and Abbie Rempel
Karl and Margaret Hensley
Karlene Johnson
Katie Dobler
Keith and Brenda Anderson
Keith and Doris Olsen
Kennard or Beverley Pohlman
Kevin Henrichson
Korey and Tammy Young
Lance Atwater
Lauren Gemar-Davis
Leroy and Judy Tejral
Lloyd and Eva Roubal
Lonnie Goff
Mark Hahn Farms, Inc.
Martin and Ruth Massengale
Mat and Kyla Habrock
Matt and Donelle Wolters
Matthew Wiegand
Merlin R. Prior
Mike Sandall
Milt and Joann Fricke
Monsanto Gothenburg Water Utilization Learning Center
Neal Lewis
Nebraska FFA Alumni Council
Nebraska Pork Producers
Norm and Shirley Fritz
Norval L. and Sharon L. Utemark
Paige L Redding
Philip and Kate Mueller
Philip Johnson
Production Animal Consultation
Quenton and Tonya Mortensen
Ray Ward
Rex and Amy Prior
Richard and Lanelle Herink
Richard and Sharon Katt
Richard and Susie Douglass
Richard, Ann, Kyle, Catharine & Lauren Perry
Roger and Jill Goedeken
Roger and Lynda Suhr
Ron and Evie Laub
Ryan and Kerry Hoffschneider
Ryan Becker
Sargent FFA Chapter
Shelly Stitt
Shonn and Amber Endres
Steve and Jana Kruger
Straight Farms
Tammy Meyer
The Austin Company, Inc
Timothy and Jenny Higgins
Tom and Jennifer Wood
Trent and Jessica Brondel
Ward Laboratories, Inc.
Wayne Luebbe