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2021 Career Fair: Animal Companies

According to the Nebraska Department of Ag, Nebraska ranks 1st in Commercial cattle slaughter, 2020 – 6,982,000 head, 2nd in all cattle and calves, Jan. 1, 2021 – 6,850,000 head, 6th in commercial hog slaughter, 2020 – 7,963,800 head and 7th in all hogs and pigs on farms, Dec. 1, 2020 – 3,650,000 head. 

Some example majors in the animal career field: meat science, veterinary animal science and food animal production and management. 

Make sure to track your Career Fair participation on Goosechase by answering the questions that are in each video. If your chapter participates you will receive a box of promotional materials from the sponsors after the Career Fair closes! The Career Fair is open April 1 - April 23 to participate to earn prizes. 

Goosechase Information: Search for "2021 Nebraska FFA Virtual Career Fair". Then create a profile. You can participate as a chapter or individually, but please put your chapter name next to your name so that we know where to send the promotional materials.

LandTrust, Inc.

Contact: Mark Young | Email: | Phone Number: 408-230-0979 | Website:

Livingston Enterprises

Contact: Bryanna Cook | Email: | Phone Number: 402-729-3200 | Website:

Nebraska Cattlemen

Contact: Talia Goes | Email: | Phone Number: (402) 475-2333 | Website: