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2021 Career Fair: Plant Systems

Make sure to track your Career Fair participation on Goosechase by answering the questions that are in each video. If your chapter participates you will receive a box of promotional materials from the sponsors after the Career Fair closes! The Career Fair is open April 1 - April 23 to participate to earn prizes. 

Goosechase Information: Search for "2021 Nebraska FFA Virtual Career Fair". Then create a profile. You can participate as a chapter or individually, but please put your chapter name next to your name so that we know where to send the promotional materials.


Contact: Jennifer Wood | Email: | Phone Number: 402-540-3411 | Website:

Nebraska Wheat Board

Contact: Sarah Ahrens | Email: | Phone Number: 402-471-2358 | Website:

Nebraska Soybean Board

Contact: Teri Zimmerman | Email: | Phone Number: 402-441-3240 | Website: Media: Facebook:  Instagram: @nebraskasoybeans Twitter: LinkedIn:

Pioneer/Corteva Agriscience

Contact: Hati Sivac | Email: | Phone Number: 515-490-6988 | Website: Media: Twitter: Instagram: @corteva  Facebook: Linkedin: