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2021 Nebraska FFA Virtual State Convention

Nebraska FFA Foundation Virtual Career Fair

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You're invited to participate in our Nebraska FFA Foundation Virtual Career Fair! This year's career fair is open to sponsors and non-sponsors, and will be hosted online for students to view the videos. The career fair will open for teachers on April 1. Chapters and members will be able to compete for prizes on the Goosechase app from April 1-23.

The video for the career fair must be submitted by March 15th to Victoria Broders. If you are a $5,000+ sponsor your booth is complimentary. If you are a $4,999-$1,000 your booth will cost $150 and must be paid as you submit the registration. If you are a sponsor of $999 or less or not a sponsor, your cost is $250. 

Career Fair video layout:

  1. Introduce yourself and company
  2. Discuss internships, careers, scholarships, etc.
  3. Ask and answer a question for students to answer in the Goosechase app so that we can keep track of participation. Example: "Nebraska FFA has 200 chapters this year. This is the question on the Goosechase app so make sure to type the answer of 200 in to receive promotional prizes."
  4. End with your contact information. 

If you choose, you can send us promotional materials to send to the chapters that participate in the virtual career fair. We also must receive these by March 15th.  Below please mark if you plan to send in prizes. Our address to send the prizes to is: Nebraska FFA Foundation Agricultural Communications Building 3625 East Campus Loop #203 Lincoln, NE 68588

Once you are registered you will receive all of this information again and more!

Questions? Call or email Victoria Broders at or 402-314-3249. 

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Below you will see the payment information to pay for your booth. Payment must be received now to participate. 


$5,000+ sponsors: FREE (choose the pay later option, you won't have to pay since it's complimentary)

$4,999 - $1,000 sponsors: $150

$999 - non-sponsors: $250

If you are unsure of your sponsorship level, you can contact Victoria at 

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Deadline to submit the video is March 15th! Once you are registered more details about the video will be emailed to you.

If you have questions, please contact Victoria Broders at