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Blue Jackets. Bright Futures. Student Application

Contest Overview

  1. The purpose of this program is to provide members with the opportunity to earn a new FFA jacket.
  2. The event is open to all agricultural education students who are active members of a chartered FFA chapter in good standing with the Nebraska FFA Association with all dues paid. The number of winners will be based on the number of jackets sponsored and winners must understand that if he/she quits FFA, the FFA jacket must stay with the local FFA chapter and should be returned to the local advisor.
  3. A gift certificate will be purchased by the Nebraska FFA Foundation from the National FFA Organization and supplied to the local agriculture instructor to purchase the jacket for the recipient FFA member.
  4. A selection committee for the essay contest will include past state officers, Foundation board members and contributors to the jacket program.
  5. All applications must also have an advisor statement (filled out on a separate form). Both must be complete and submitted by September 15, 2021 to be considered.

Questions? Email Victoria Broders at 

Have you applied for an FFA jacket through this program before?
Have you received a jacket through this program before?
If yes to receiving a jacket before:
Years of Agricultural Education Completed in Junior High
Years of Agricultural Education Completed in High School
Highest FFA Degree Obtained
No word limit for answers.
I certify that the application is the result of my own effort and all statements are true to my knowledge. If I choose to no longer be in FFA, the jacket I received through this program will be returned to my FFA chapter.
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