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Family Fondness of FFA Lives on Through Cathi Braasch

Teach Ag Interns on 07/06/2017

FFA touches the lives of many varying backgrounds, especially the life of Cathi Braasch, a Lutheran pastor approaching nearly 30 years of ministry.

Her involvement with FFA began when she was selected as the Chapter Sweetheart, and only grew after marrying a man that had an inborn love for the FFA organization. Together they had a daughter that followed in those footsteps and took it upon herself to learn and grow through FFA. Taken too soon by cancer, her husband and daughter passed away, but not without leaving a legacy to be carried on by Cathi.

Much like her family, Cathi believes that FFA provides high quality leadership education and has helped create the future of agriculture from practical lessons, leadership and personal development to relationship building. She wants to continue to see a strong holistic balance of skills, leadership, and personal development in FFA knowing there are opportunities out there that are better than she ever imagined. She also wants to see a continuing emphasis not just on contests, but on achievement through obtaining degrees and raising generations that are equally committed to raising future generations in FFA.

“If we want to leave a legacy we need to put our heart mind and our pocket book into that legacy. For all of us, that should begin by including it in our wills and estate planning.” Cathi and her husband did just that prior to his passing. To this day, FFA continues to touch Cathi’s life as she promotes the invaluable experience to future generations to honor the legacy that her family left behind.