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FFA chapters selected for grants

Posted by Sarah Mullen on 08/14/2017

Five FFA chapters were selected by the Nebraska FFA Foundation to receive grants for various programs in their local chapters. The following chapters received grants:

The Mead FFA chapter received a grant for "Blooming Smiles." This is an FFA project in which the chapter collects donated flowers from funerals, weddings, etc. and repurposes them as floral arrangements for community members, as random acts of kindness. The chapter plans to expand the operation by purchasing a floral cooler and floriculture products to make this community service project easier.

The Red Cloud agricultural education program was awarded a grant to build a greenhouse. The agricultural education program received a lot across from the school through a local business donation. The greenhouse will be built on this lot.

Johnson-Brock High School has a new agricultural education program this school year. They were awarded a grant for curriculum needs to develop a successful program. They will be purchasing textbooks, laboratory materials and rebuilding a greenhouse.

The Randolph agricultural education program will be investing the grant awarded to them for a powder coating system. The school has already invested in the computer numerical controlled plasma cutter and design software.

The Holdrege agricultural education program was also awarded a grant to purchase plant systems CASE equipment. The instructor at Holdrege will be implementing the plant systems Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education and will be purchasing sensors, probes and equipment to implement this curriculum.