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2021 Virtual Nebraska FFA State Convention Schedule

Posted by Victoria Broders on 02/01/2021

2021 Virtual Nebraska FFA State Convention Schedule

The sessions have now been announced for the 93rd Nebraska FFA State Convention that will be held virtually here. No registration is required to watch convention. 

Wednesday, April 7 Session 1 6:30 pm CST

Keynote Speaker

Proficiency Awards Part A (Agricultural Communications through Equine Science Placement) 

Retiring Address—Hannah Moseman


Wednesday, April 7 Session 2 8:00 pm CST

State FFA Degree Ceremony 


Thursday, April 8 Session 3 1:00 pm CST

Top 20 Chapters (Premier Chapters & Models of Excellence)

FFA Foundation Recognition

I Believe Chapter Recognition

Gary Scharf Helping Hand Award

Retiring Address—Rebecca Wulf

Cornerstone Awards

Advisors of the Year


Thursday, April 8 Session 4 7:00 pm CST

Keynote Speaker 

Proficiency Part B (Fiber and Oil Crop Production through Wildlife Production and Management)

Honorary State Degrees

Retiring Address—Heath Keiser

CDE Awards Ceremony 


Friday, April 9 Session 5 1:00 pm CST

New Chapter Recognition

Retiring Address—Jozie Schilke

Nebraska FFA Alumni

State Officer Advisor and Supporter Recognition

VIP Award

Distinguished Service Award

Retiring Address—Jakob Anderjaska


Friday, April 9 Session 6 7:00 pm CST

Recognition of 25-year officer team, video

Agriscience Fair Awards

Introduction, Retiring Address—Madison Stracke

Leadership Development Event Awards

Stars Over Nebraska

State Officer Parent Recognition

State Officer Retirement Program

2021-22 State Officer Election