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Libby's Sweet Treats

Rebecca Wulf on 03/15/2023

Some may know Libby Wilkins as one of Nebraska FFA’s State Vice Presidents. However, to others, she might be known as the Ainsworth student with a knack for baking. What started as a project to raise money in the eighth grade to go on a mission trip to Zambia, quickly became much more. Libby’s Sweet Treats is a business that serves its customers with high-quality baked goods. 

During her freshman year of high school, Libby started recording her inputs and profits to make her Supervised Agricultural Experience. Last year, Libby received a grant from the Nebraska FFA Foundation. With the grant funds, she purchased a Square Point of Sale register which allowed her to take credit and debit cards. This allowed her to sell more at different events and made her business more customer-oriented. Additionally, the grant gave her the financial freedom to experiment with other marketing ideas. For example, she switched from using pop flats to higher quality and more visually appealing bakery boxes. This small switch drove up sales exponentially. 

Libby makes a variety of baked goods such as cupcakes and toffee, but her specialty is cinnamon rolls! She sells her products directly out of her home, but in the past has sold at fairs, parades, and other community events. In the future, Libby plans to expand her business including selling her cinnamon rolls to corporate businesses in Lincoln for special occasions. For more information, you can visit Libby’s Sweet Treats on Facebook.