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Midwest Farmers Coop and Farmers Coop Grants

Farmers Cooperative and Midwest Farmers Cooperative each donated to local FFA chapter grants in the 2017-18 school year.

Midwest Farmers Cooperative donated $10,600 to directly support local FFA chapter needs. Seven FFA chapters received a grant including Waverly, Ashland– Greenwood, Syracuse, Conestoga, Palmyra/Elmwood– Murdock and Lincoln Public Schools The Career Academy for Ag Biology/Science Program.

Midwest Farmers Cooperative Chief Executive Officer, Jeremy Wilhelm said, “We are proud to support these chapters and the young men and women that have an interest in agriculture. It is a small way that we can give back to the communities that support Midwest Farmers Cooperative and a way to support the future of agriculture.”

The local grants were used to purchase grow towers, animal science classroom resources, computers to use for online curriculum and Supervised Agricultural Experience record keeping on AET and Washington Leadership Conference expenses.


Farmers Cooperative donated $2,500 to directly support local FFA programming needs. Auburn FFA, Centennial FFA, Fillmore Central FFA, Lewiston FFA, Tri County FFA and Wilber Clatonia FFA all received grants.

“We are happy to donate to these programs. The Farmers Cooperative knows that these young people represent our future customers, and employees, as well as our future community leaders. For these reasons, we believe that it important to support our local FFA chapters and the work that they do.” Our slogan is “Investing in Our Owners’ Success! And the Farmers Cooperative believes that investing in our agricultural youth today will insure our future success tomorrow. We are proud and happy to donate to the Nebraska FFA Foundation and support local FFA” says Ron Velder, Farmers Cooperative General Manager.

The Farmers Cooperative local grants funded helped purchase elementary agriculture lessons, community garden, toy and hygiene project, aquaculture system, establish an arboretum at the school and supplies for meat laboratory.

Thank you Midwest Farmers Cooperative and Farmers Cooperative for supporting Nebraska FFA!