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Mowing His Way to Success: Logan’s Lawn Care

Logan, a junior from Gothenburg High School, has turned a simple chore into a thriving business with the help of the Nebraska FFA Foundation SAE Grant. His journey began three years ago when he noticed many unkempt lawns around his community. Determined to help Gothenburg look its best, Logan started a lawn care service.

Logan’s inspiration came from working with his pastor, who had been helping him mow lawns. Seeing an opportunity to turn this into a business, Logan took the plunge. His goal was not just to maintain lawns but to ensure that his community looked clean and inviting. He also wanted to assist those who were unable to mow their lawns, building new relationships and forming strong networks along the way.

Talking face-to-face with his customers became a crucial part of his business. “People see me in the newspaper or at the grocery store and they’re like, ‘Oh, that’s the kid that mows my lawn,’” Logan shares. This personal touch helps him gain trust and recognition in the community.

The Nebraska FFA Foundation SAE Grant played a pivotal role in Logan's success. With the funds, he purchased new lawn equipment, including a much-needed mower. This investment allowed him to serve his community more efficiently and helped him develop valuable business skills. His services include mowing, bagging, and weed whacking, ensuring that every yard he touches looks the best it can be.

Logan enjoys the satisfaction of seeing well-kept lawns and knowing that he is helping those in need. He hopes to expand his business further and reach more clients in the future. Grateful for the support he has received, Logan wants to thank his FFA advisors, sponsors, and parents for their guidance and encouragement.

Logan’s story shows the impact of the Nebraska FFA Foundation SAE Grant. It shows how a simple idea, combined with hard work and support, can turn into a successful venture that benefits both the individual and the community. Logan’s journey inspires other young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and make a difference in their own neighborhoods.