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Programs We Support

Blue Jackets. Bright Futures.

The blue corduroy jacket is one of the most symbolic pieces of FFA membership and through the Blue Jackets, Bright Futures program, the Nebraska FFA Foundation strives to provide all deserving FFA members in Nebraska with a free FFA jacket and tie or scarf. Students must submit an application, which includes an advisor statement, and are selected from a committee of donors, supporters, Foundation Board Members and other friends of the FFA. The number of jackets given out relies directly on the number of donations received. In 2020, 274 jackets were donated to deserving students. If you wore a blue jacket at one time–or simply believe in what that jacket stands for–please consider a tax-deductible gift of $100 to help a young student display his or her FFA membership proudly. Funds are collected for this program until September 1.