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I Believe in the Future of Ag Sponsor Engagement

I Believe in the Future of Ag allows your local FFA chapter to receive donations and build a supportive FFA community! Local donors can support your chapter directly through the Nebraska FFA Foundation and any funds donated for your chapter are matched by our corporate matching fund of $30,000 if you participated in the sponsor engagement contest below. FFA chapters who have raised at least $500 have the chance to be recognized as Top I Believe Chapters at the Nebraska State Convention based on their participation in the Sponsor Engagement Contest. The Top I Believe Chapters also receive a cash prize, with first receiving $1,000 in addition to the matching funds. Below you can find the sponsor engagement activities, podcasts and videos. Submissions must be submitted by February 28 at 5:00 pm. 

Top 10 Chapters:


Sponsor Engagement Form


Deadline: February 28 5:00 pm